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The Mamiya 645 Pro – Finding the right medium format camera

you can’t count out the equipment you use to get the picture you want. Sure, if you know what you’re doing and you have the eye, you can get a picture with a box camera or a digital camera. It doesn’t matter. But you also have to remember that if you’re going to be doing this for more than a couple days on a whim, you want a camera that suits your style, is comfortable for you to work with, and that gives you the features you need to achieve that style.

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Developing Adventures – Double-X in D96

In this Developing Adventure, I developed a roll of Cinestill Double-X in D96 B&W Motion Picture Developer. I shot it with my Mamiya 645 at ISO 200. If you read my last Developing Adventure featuring Double-X film, you’d know I really fell in love with the look of this film. At over $10 a roll… Continue reading Developing Adventures – Double-X in D96

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One Shot with Aly – Remnants of my Father

When someone you love passes away and is suddenly no longer in your life, you’re left with remnants of their life. Remnants of who they once were. Its strange to think of this irony that when you die you can’t take things with you, but you do leave them behind, and sometimes they live on for you taking on a whole different value.

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Ilford Ortho Plus 80 with My Mamiya 645 Pro and Nikon F

Last week we had a nice cool front come through here in Florida, and since I wait all year long for this weather, I just had to get outside. I went to Tradition, Florida, a small town nearby, to walk around and take some landscape pictures with the new Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film.

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Still Life on Kodak Portra 400 – A Good Practice for Beginners

Since Covid hit I started to realize I needed to get more creative with my compositions if I was going to be able to continue to shoot film while I was stuck at home. I have done still life photos here and there, usually on black and white film. This time I tried color with… Continue reading Still Life on Kodak Portra 400 – A Good Practice for Beginners


One Shot with Aly

Being a Floridian, the heat and humidity become so unbearable this time of year, not to mention the incessant downpours, that I will have to become really creative if I want to scratch that itch of taking photos daily. So I set up a black velvet sheet, with two light boxes, a tripod, and took many shots with some sunflowers.

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The End of 2020 – My Favorite Photos of the Year and What I’ve Learned

The infamous year of 2020 is now drawing to a close and while a new year will be coming, a lot of things are going to bleed over into 2021. Unfortunately, a lot of it are things we cannot control. I try to stick to the things I can, otherwise my anxiety gets out of… Continue reading The End of 2020 – My Favorite Photos of the Year and What I’ve Learned


One Shot With Aly – these Boots are made for Walkin’

This picture was taken with my Nikon F or I should say one of my Nikon F’s. I had the waist level finder attached for some shots I took in the grocery store. I’ll talk about that in another blog, but I wanted to talk about this shot because I found that the waist level… Continue reading One Shot With Aly – these Boots are made for Walkin’

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My Top 19 of 2019 – End of Year Blog

In this case, this year I have been processing a lot of sickness and death. As the year draws to a close, and I go through my photos from the year, I have discovered that I have expressed these struggles through my photos.