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Photography as Therapy

I decided to write this article because I mentioned on my instagram that I often took my cameras with me to appointments as a therapy camera. Kind of like a companion dog. I received many messages from people saying that they suffer from anxiety as well and they were going to give this a try.

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Still Life and Motivation

I’ve hit a little dip in my creativity lately, not for a lack of desire, but just simply having too much going on that’s affecting me. When I have a lot of of health issues happening at once I tend to get depressed, which understandably affects my motivation to do anything else. It’s strange because… Continue reading Still Life and Motivation

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Still Life and Expelling Grief

Many times over the years I’ve shared my need to express myself through photography. I often do this to alleviate anxiety, but also to deal with feelings of grief. Very often, I express this through still life photography. I’m not sure exactly what it is about this form of the medium that helps me to… Continue reading Still Life and Expelling Grief

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Shooting Outside My Comfort Zone

There is a Youtube channel I have been enjoying lately by Bryan Birks, and in his videos he talks a lot about a project he is working on of classic cars and their owners. I always find the videos very inspiring because one thing I have mostly shied away from is taking portraits or any… Continue reading Shooting Outside My Comfort Zone

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Black Friday Sale – Get my Zines at 25%off

Until November 30th Magcloud has a discount code for 25% off. If you would like to pick up my new zines now is the time to do it. Magcloud doesn’t often have discounts. Use the code BFGIFT25 at checkout and receive 25% off your purchase. I hope if you pick them up that you enjoy… Continue reading Black Friday Sale – Get my Zines at 25%off

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My Top 19 of 2019 – End of Year Blog

In this case, this year I have been processing a lot of sickness and death. As the year draws to a close, and I go through my photos from the year, I have discovered that I have expressed these struggles through my photos.

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The End of 2020 – My Favorite Photos of the Year and What I’ve Learned

The infamous year of 2020 is now drawing to a close and while a new year will be coming, a lot of things are going to bleed over into 2021. Unfortunately, a lot of it are things we cannot control. I try to stick to the things I can, otherwise my anxiety gets out of… Continue reading The End of 2020 – My Favorite Photos of the Year and What I’ve Learned

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A Snapshot of the Film Community- Karin Majoka

In today’s snapshot of the film community, I had a nice chat with the creative and talented Karin Majoka all the way from Germany. You may already know of her, but I discovered Karin when I was searching YouTube for other film photography channels to watch, and I was happy to find her work. Karin… Continue reading A Snapshot of the Film Community- Karin Majoka