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The Nikon F3 – Greatest Legendary Classic

As I researched the Nikon F3, right away titles with words like the greatest SLR ever made, Legendary, and Classic all jumped out at me. This was interesting to me because I'd come across similar titles when researching the F2. In my view these two cameras are very different. So I asked myself how could… Continue reading The Nikon F3 – Greatest Legendary Classic

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Kodak Ektachrome – Landscapes

In my last article, I shared my first roll of Kodak Ektachrome E100 film. It consisted of all portraits of Kelsey that I really loved, and fell in love with this film. I mentioned in the video that I wanted to try Kodak Ektachrome landscapes next, so that's what I did. 1987 Ektachrome 100 ad… Continue reading Kodak Ektachrome – Landscapes

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Ilford Ortho Plus 80 with My Mamiya 645 Pro and Nikon F

Last week we had a nice cool front come through here in Florida, and since I wait all year long for this weather, I just had to get outside. I went to Tradition, Florida, a small town nearby, to walk around and take some landscape pictures with the new Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film.