One Shot with Aly : Shopping in the Time of Covid

I took this photo while I was in my wheelchair at the grocery store. I hate that I still have to use it, but walking for more than a few minutes causes me too much pain and the tingling in my legs gets worse. So for now it is what it is.

One advantage that I have found with this though, is that I can take pictures and no one would really notice.

I set up my Nikon F with the waist level finder. That way I could be more discreet without having to lift the camera to my eye. This set up left me without a meter so I just mounted my small Sekonic meter onto the Nikon’s hot shoe attachment.

As you can see in the above shot, there are now signs in the floor directing shoppers to only walk in one direction down each aisle, this way you are never walking past someone and risking breathing in their germs. The problem is, most people aren’t paying attention and they’re wandering wherever they please. Things like that always bother me. Just like when someone smokes near me. Do what you like with your own health, but don’t risk mine.

Luckily there wasn’t too many shoppers when I went that day and I was able to get several shots around the store that I am happy with.

What is it like to go grocery shopping where you are located? Has anything changed for you in this new Covid era? Let me know down in the comments.

2 thoughts on “One Shot with Aly : Shopping in the Time of Covid

  1. Covid in Canada is much the same. The mask poo pooers, the conspiracy theorists, the rebels who deliberately go against the directional signs and the aimless wanderers who go where their heart leads them. More stores up here are now making masks mandatory. A good thing I believe. Hope your disability is temporary.

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