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the Canon New F-1

The Canon New F-1 is is an expandable system camera. By expandable I mean 5 types of viewfinders, 32 different focusing screens within 13 different types to go with 3 different metering patterns, 2 motorized film advance units, and a couple of interchangeable backs. That surely gives the Nikon F3 system a run for its… Continue reading the Canon New F-1

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Back to 9/11 – Ground Zero on Fuji Superia 800

I remember wondering were the planes out of control? What the heck is happening? Then the news anchor, describing what we were watching, said (I am paraphrasing from memory) "As you can see, there's people trapped in the buildings and they're throwing paper and furniture out the window..." They paused. "Oh my god, thats not furniture, those are people. Oh my god. People are jumping from the Twin Towers." My stomach sank I will never, ever forget that moment.

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The Canon FTb QL

Ilford HP5 400 The Canon FTb QL is a mechanical 35mm SLR for the advanced amateur photographer. It was released in 1971 at the same time as its Pro brother the F-1 and was preceded by the FT QL. (Check out Jim Greys great review of that camera). The FT uses the FL mount lenses… Continue reading The Canon FTb QL

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The Canon 7 Rangefinder

In 1960, Nikon made the move from rangefinder to SLR along with Zeiss and the Contax. Meanwhile, the Canon 7 rangefinder came out in 1961, with the M39 Leica screw mount lens putting it in direct competition with the Leica M3 at the time. Canon may have seen this as their chance to pull ahead… Continue reading The Canon 7 Rangefinder

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One Shot with Aly – the Triangle House

This shot was taken with my Canon FTb on Ilford HP5 400 film. I am working on a review/article about my experience with this camera so I took it along with me to a doctors appointment. I was in a moving car when I quickly took this picture. I pass this house every time I… Continue reading One Shot with Aly – the Triangle House

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Everything Will Change in the Blink of an Eye – so take a picture of it

it is these small blessings that keeps life going. These small happinesses are what we should all grasp hold of and never take for granted because in the blink of an eye it will all change.

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The Bell & Howell/ Canon Dial 35

I first saw this camera on a vintage camera Facebook page many years ago and I loved the way it looked. I have an affinity for all things from the 1960's so the design of the camera appealed to me. Back then I wasn't shooting with my collection of vintage cameras because film wasn't as readily available as it is becoming today so I had intended to purchase one for display in my cabinet. For some reason I can't remember, it may have been price, I never bought one. Now that I am shooting film in my cameras I decided to revisit this camera.

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My First Experience with Expired Film – Fujicolor Super G Plus & Fomapan 100

I had my first experience with expired film last month and I both liked it and hated it. In fact, I experienced alot of firsts in October. I used my first medium format film in my first medium format camera, a Mamiya 645, and I used my first expired 35mm film in my Canon TX.… Continue reading My First Experience with Expired Film – Fujicolor Super G Plus & Fomapan 100