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One Shot With Aly – Typewriter on FP4

The shot above was taken with my Rolleiflex Automat while the Rolleikin was still installed, so this is 35mm Ilford FP4 125 film. You can read more about that set up here.

This typewriter was passed on to me from my Great Aunt Frances before she passed away, and the hat was given to me by my Uncle Dallas before he passed away.

I mentioned in a video that I am trying to get a good close up shot of the typewriter so that I can print it and frame it. I’ve tried it on several different formats and several different cameras, but haven’t yet gotten one that fits what I am going for. I am getting closer though. I will post the shot once I get it.

Are you working on any shots to frame? Let me know in the comments, and until next time Stay Motivated and Keep Shooting.

– Aly

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