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Leica IIIF My First Impressions – Featured on 35mmC

As I teased in my article Leica IIIF I Barely Knew Ye, more details were to come about my experience with the Leica IIIf RD. I ran into a bump in the road when I had to send it back for repair.

When Hamish asked me to write something for his site I chose to write about my first experience with the IIIF because it was so unique to anything I have experienced with a camera before. I’m very excited to share my article from, Leica IIIF– My First Impressions.

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Now I have received the camera back, like new, from KEH. They replaced the curtain and gave it an overhaul. Stay tuned for more articles featuring this little beauty. Until then, I hope you’ll head over and give my First Impression a read.

Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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