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A Walk in Tradition on Lomo CN 800

Several months ago, before the crushing heat started back up here in Florida, Kelsey and I regularly went into town to walk around by the water. These photos were taken on a walk in Tradition on Lomography CN 800 right as the lingering cool air was on its way out.

a walk in tradition on Lomography CN 800
Leica M6 Lomography CN 800

A Walk In Tradition on Lomography CN 800

Last Spring/Summer I had just discovered Lomography’s color negative 800 film and felt that it matched what I was seeing around me. You can read about that here. Interesting enough, I am feeling the opposite way this year. Maybe its a change in my mood or weather, but the saturation just isn’t fitting.

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a walk in tradition on Lomography CN 800
High Noon in Tradition

That being said, I had a good time that day in Tradition. The weather was beautiful, and people were pretty friendly. The Anhinga made an appearance again. Ive spoken about this bird before and how it creeps me out and amazes me at the same time.

a walk in tradition on Lomography CN 800

He fanned his wings after a swim and kept a sharp on me while I took many photos of him. I only wish I had a closer lens.

“Am I going to get arrested?”

I have also mentioned in the past how I am actively working on getting up the nerve to ask people for their portraits while I am out. This older man and woman were walking around the water and she smiled at me so I too that as my opening to ask if I could take their photo. I told them I was practicing portraits but I don’t get many opportunities to do so. Interestingly, the woman responded saying, “Am I going to get arrested?” She didn’t laugh but I giggled nervously and said no. I’m not sure why she asked that, but I could tell they were a little bit weary about me.

a walk in tradition on Lomography CN 800

The man said that he was her son and he asked if I was a student working on a project. I told him I was flattered but much too old for school. I told him that it was just a film camera and I am just an amateur. They seemed to loosen up and posed for me. The photo didn’t turn out great, especially the woman eyes are closed, but I’m so glad to have had the experience. Now there is a memory attached to the photo.

As they walked away the son said, “If I show up in a beer ad I know who to find.” His mom laughed and said, “Well, I don’t drink but I have 4 children so you can put me under that category.” I laughed and said, “Wow that is quite the feat.” Her son responded, “She needed to have enough kids so that one of them could take her photo.” They were very gracious and while the interaction was a bit awkward for all of us, I am proud to have put myself out there.

Final Thoughts

That was a great day and I can’t wait already for the cooler weather to return so I can do it again. Lomography CN 800 won’t be my go-to this year but with the stocking issues for Kodak Portra 800 it may have to serve as my backup. What film will you be shooting this year? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “A Walk in Tradition on Lomo CN 800

  1. Beautiful photos as always! The other day a woman was outside a house I wanted to photograph. I asked her permission to take photos of her flowers but that also resulted in some awkwardness 😂😂. Kudos to you for having the courage to talk to this couple!
    As far as film I’m mostly shooting cheap stuff such as Ilford HP5 and the new Fujicolor 200 (which seems to just be rebadged Kodak Gold).

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