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My First Try with Fujicolor 100

Fujicolor 100 film, otherwise known as Fujicolor Industrial, is a color film with an ISO of 100. It is used for outdoors mostly and portraits because it is said to be good for skin tones compared to Fuji Superia Xtra for example, which can be very saturated. I didn't get to take any portraits to… Continue reading My First Try with Fujicolor 100

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The Canon FTb QL

Ilford HP5 400 The Canon FTb QL is a mechanical 35mm SLR for the advanced amateur photographer. It was released in 1971 at the same time as its Pro brother the F-1 and was preceded by the FT QL. (Check out Jim Greys great review of that camera). The FT uses the FL mount lenses… Continue reading The Canon FTb QL

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One Shot with Aly – the Triangle House

This shot was taken with my Canon FTb on Ilford HP5 400 film. I am working on a review/article about my experience with this camera so I took it along with me to a doctors appointment. I was in a moving car when I quickly took this picture. I pass this house every time I… Continue reading One Shot with Aly – the Triangle House