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the Canon New F-1

The Canon New F-1 is is an expandable system camera. By expandable I mean 5 types of viewfinders, 32 different focusing screens within 13 different types to go with 3 different metering patterns, 2 motorized film advance units, and a couple of interchangeable backs. That surely gives the Nikon F3 system a run for its… Continue reading the Canon New F-1

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Riding in Cars with Film – May 26, 2022

The past two Riding in Cars with Film entries that I have shared were made using black and white film. This entry I'll share some photos from a roll of Fuji Superia Xtra 400 film that I shot from the car. Spring in Florida seems to be pretty short before temperatures start to feel like… Continue reading Riding in Cars with Film – May 26, 2022

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The Ricoh 500G – Changing the Light Seals

This article will not be a proper review, just my experience with changing the Ricoh 500G light seals. The review will come later. To watch the video demonstrating the whole process, scroll down to the end. However, I encourage you to read through to see some photos I took with the camera before and after… Continue reading The Ricoh 500G – Changing the Light Seals