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The Fed-2 – A Soviet Leica

The FED factory, located in the Soviet Ukraine, started creating Leica copies in the 1930's. This was after the Soviet Union stopped importation of photographic equipment. The history of the factory leaves you with a bit of goose bumps, and not just for the poor orphans that worked there. FED was named for the initials… Continue reading The Fed-2 – A Soviet Leica

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The Canon 7 Rangefinder

In 1960, Nikon made the move from rangefinder to SLR along with Zeiss and the Contax. Meanwhile, the Canon 7 rangefinder came out in 1961, with the M39 Leica screw mount lens putting it in direct competition with the Leica M3 at the time. Canon may have seen this as their chance to pull ahead… Continue reading The Canon 7 Rangefinder