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Alstroemeria’s on Portra – A Still Life

As mentioned in previous articles, Kelsey often buys me a bouquet of flowers with our groceries that I use in still life shoots. In particular, she likes to buy Alstroemerias because they last a really long time and come in different colors. This particular bouquet was red and white, so I thought Alstroemeria's on Portra… Continue reading Alstroemeria’s on Portra – A Still Life

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The Rolleiflex Automat and a Roll of Portra 400

I am continuously amazed by my Rolleiflex Automat. Not just because it is more than 70 years old, but also because it is an under appreciated model that, despite not having the coveted f/2.8 lens, still produces consistently sharp images. Rolleiflex Automat with Kodak Portra 400 My Automat was the first film camera I purchased… Continue reading The Rolleiflex Automat and a Roll of Portra 400

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Imperial Satelite 127

The Imperial Satellite 127 was created by the Herbert George Company in Chicago, Illinois. The company changed hands in 1961 and it was renamed to the Imperial Camera Corp. They were one of the first to offer cameras in multiple colors. The Camera As its name suggests, the Imperial Satellite uses 127 roll film and captures… Continue reading Imperial Satelite 127