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Alstroemeria’s on Portra – A Still Life

As mentioned in previous articles, Kelsey often buys me a bouquet of flowers with our groceries that I use in still life shoots. In particular, she likes to buy Alstroemerias because they last a really long time and come in different colors. This particular bouquet was red and white, so I thought Alstroemeria's on Portra… Continue reading Alstroemeria’s on Portra – A Still Life

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One Shot with Aly – Remnants of my Father

When someone you love passes away and is suddenly no longer in your life, you're left with remnants of their life. Remnants of who they once were. Its strange to think of this irony that when you die you can't take things with you, but you do leave them behind, and sometimes they live on for you taking on a whole different value.