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Bergger Pancro in Medium Format

I’ve reviewed Bergger Pancro 400 before, but only in 35mm format. I thought I would give Bergger Pancro in medium format a look, and at the same time test out my Mamiya RB67 Pro SD again.

My Results

In my original review, I thought this film looked similar to the classic tv look of Double X. However, after this roll, I am leaning more towards the resemblance of Kodak Tri-X.

Bergger Panaro in Medium Format
Music Men

This film doesn’t have as much contrast as Eastman Kodak Double X. It’s fine grain, and clean like Tri-X.

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Bergger Panaro in Medium Format

It’s sharp and smooth, giving the photos a lot of detail. I think it paired great with my Mamiya RB67 and it’s 90mm k/l lens.

Even thought I almost broke my back shooting this roll handheld with the RB, I had a really nice time with my little furry kids. However, Jasmine almost killed me by walking towards me every time I went to snap the photo.

Bergger Panaro in Medium Format

Final Thoughts on Bergger Pancro in Medium Format

I really liked the results I’ve gotten with this film in 35mm and now this confirms that Bergger Pancro in 120 is just as good, if not better. It’s a bit cheaper than Tri-X, so if you like this look, than this is a great option to have.

Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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