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The Holga 120N – Holga Week 2020

A man named Lee Ting-mo, a former employee for Yashica, created the medium format 120 Holga Camera in 1981 in Hong Kong. He wanted to put an affordable camera in the hands of families in China and he chose the 120 medium format because it was the most widely available in china at the time,… Continue reading The Holga 120N – Holga Week 2020

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One Shot with Aly

Being a Floridian, the heat and humidity become so unbearable this time of year, not to mention the incessant downpours, that I will have to become really creative if I want to scratch that itch of taking photos daily. So I set up a black velvet sheet, with two light boxes, a tripod, and took many shots with some sunflowers.

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Ilford Ortho Plus 80 with My Mamiya 645 Pro and Nikon F

Last week we had a nice cool front come through here in Florida, and since I wait all year long for this weather, I just had to get outside. I went to Tradition, Florida, a small town nearby, to walk around and take some landscape pictures with the new Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film.

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The First Electronically Controlled Camera – the Yashica Electro 35

The Yashica Electro 35 looks like a robot head straight out of a Jetson’s cartoon, but I love that about it.

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My First Experience with Expired Film – Fujicolor Super G Plus & Fomapan 100

I had my first experience with expired film last month and I both liked it and hated it. In fact, I experienced alot of firsts in October. I used my first medium format film in my first medium format camera, a Mamiya 645, and I used my first expired 35mm film in my Canon TX.… Continue reading My First Experience with Expired Film – Fujicolor Super G Plus & Fomapan 100