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One Shot with Aly – Halloween

I have only one neighbor who puts up halloween decor on her lawn. I didn’t grow up celebrating holidays so I guess you could say I am kind of drawn to them now. Not so much their meaning, but more so the traditions and celebrations they include.

Nikon F
Ilford HP5 400

I have taken pictures of her lawn ghosts before. You may remember them if you follow my instagram. I posted several pics of them on there last October.

When I took this picture I didn’t know it would come out with this spooky feel. I liked the shadows that were being thrown by the sun setting, and that was what drew me towards taking the shot. I was really happy when I developed and scanned the film to find it came out nicely.

I used my Nikon F with the sport finder and Nikkor 35mm lens attached. I like the sport finder for my bad eyesight, and I find the 35mm lens tends to make photos with better stories. It includes more than my usual 50mm would.

I took the shot while Kelsey and I took a walk in our neighborhood to exercise my legs. The numbness seems to be gone in my left leg and only remains in my foot and left side. I guess photography has really helped rehabilitate me in many ways.

How was your Halloween? Whats your favorite holiday and what do you like to shoot with on those days? Let me know in the comments.

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