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One Shot with Aly – Remnants of my Father

When someone you love passes away and is suddenly no longer in your life, you're left with remnants of their life. Remnants of who they once were. Its strange to think of this irony that when you die you can't take things with you, but you do leave them behind, and sometimes they live on for you taking on a whole different value.

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Developing Disasters – Getting Agitated

I don't consider this a complete disaster, but it was an experiment gone wrong so I thought I'd share. I brought along my Yashica Electro on a long distance doctors appointment as my "emotional support camera" loaded with Kentmere Pan 400 film. I have used and developed this film before with no issues. Here's a… Continue reading Developing Disasters – Getting Agitated

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Testing Cameras on Location: Canon 7, Nikon F, & Kodak Premo No. 2

I’ve been feeling extremely tired lately I think from the medication I am on for Crohn’s Disease, and just from the disease in general. It’s been really challenging for me to go out in the summer heat to take photos. I can’t really explain the type of fatigue that comes with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It’s… Continue reading Testing Cameras on Location: Canon 7, Nikon F, & Kodak Premo No. 2