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Polaroid Week – Spring 2021

In 2019, Polaroid Week was one of the first things that initiated me into the film community. It’s when I made one of my first YouTube videos and wrote one of my first blog posts. I can still remember the fun I had, and the feeling of purpose after being really sick and isolated for so long. I had to do it again this year.

Polaroid Week

Polaroid week this year was from April 18th through April 23rd. If you missed it you can prepare for it to return again in the fall. While my health is a bit better than it was in 2019, I am still somewhat isolated because of Covid. I decided this week to try to take some photos indoors with my SX-70, specifically of flowers and plants to celebrate spring and all the color that has been popping lately. I think you can actually get the feeling of isolation from these photos.

My Results

I decided to practice with the SX-70 to get the hang of setting the exposure with only light coming in through the window. I used 600 film with an ND filter, and color SX-70 film.

There is no tripod screw on the SX-70, so I just sat it on top of my tripod and held my breath when I’d press the shutter button. The worst sound is that clunk when you know the shutter is going to stay open for a bit because that means the photo will most likely be blurry.

Dead Tulip
Dead Tulip

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We bought some really nice Tulips around Easter that I’d hoped to take photos of, but after I replanted them, they all quickly died.

The Hyacinths are still hanging on, but the purple flowers died. I tend to have a green thumb when it comes to trees, pineapple plants, and house plants, but flowers are dead in my hands.

Polaroid Week

These flowers we got from the grocery store are still alive and doing well though. I think that’s because they’re indoors and sheltered from the heat and humidity.

While I still have more to learn when it comes to taking still life photos indoors with a Polaroid camera, I still like my results and am glad I took them.

Baby Avocado Tree

Final Thoughts

While a lot of people see instant film as a gimmick and more geared towards teenagers, I think every photographer should have one. Sometimes it is nice to just shoot for fun, and an instant camera can provide that. It also can be extremely difficult. I have wasted more frames than I care to count. When each frame costs roughly $2, it hurts each time you throw one in the trash. That makes learning to use it all the more challenging.

Check out #PolaroidWeek and #RoidWeek for some really nice instant photos. People get really artistic and there are some really talented people out there.

Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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8 thoughts on “Polaroid Week – Spring 2021

  1. Those still life images came out fabulous. Inspires me to break out the SX-70 again. I’ve been using the Instax Square more lately because I’ve had less “fails”.

  2. These are lovely. Instant film is no more a gimmick than anything else – a great instant photo is just as good as any other type of image. Sure there’s a look to instant photography, but it’s a strength to be utilised and it works brilliantly for these.

  3. Nice job on the photos, if you are interested there are adapters to add a tripod socket to an SX-70 camera as well as self timers that will reduce the shake.

    I am a huge fan of instant film. I have been using Polaroid since my first camera a Colorpack II in 1970!!! In addition to every Polaroid format, I also use every Fuji Instax format!!!

  4. I love the soft dreamy quality of Polaroid flower shots.

    Having seen a Fuji Instax camera that a friend was gifted, I can definitely understand the gimmickiness. The SX-70 upgrades and Instax cameras that Mint makes are pretty amazing, but ouch! to the price tag.

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