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Fujicolor 100 – the Fuji Blues

Every once in a while one of the stores that I purchase my film from will get in some Japan imports. In the past I purchased Fuji Industrial 100 from them. That has since been discontinued. This time they had some Fujicolor 100 film. Since I really loved Industrial 100, I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy several rolls of this. Now, this is not an official review. I will do that after I shoot more of it. For now I just wanted to share this roll and my love of the Fuji blues.

maine coon cat

A Remedy for the Fuji Blues

I’ve only gotten my hands on Fuji Industrial 100 once before, so I was sad when I learned it was discontinued. From my research, I found that Fuji Industrial 100 film is the same as Fujicolor 100. It was just sold in larger, discounted quantities to industrial companies, thus getting its name. Therefore, I knew this would give me the same results I had shooting Industrial 100.

potted plant
You can really see the Fuji Blues in this photo

I couldn’t find enough info to know for sure that they are the same film, so I won’t say that definitively, but it sure has those Fuji blues that I love.

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Fujicolor 100

After I posted my article on Fuji Industrial 100, Peggy Marsh let me know about the Google Translate app that could translate the Japanese writing on the box for me. It roughly translated that film to be for copying print files. I decided to use it again on this box. The results are below.

Fuji’s website said that this film is great for outdoors, probably for its low ISO of 100, but I think that is also because of the saturated greens and blues that go great with outdoor photos.

potato vine
potato vine

Final Thoughts

Although this film wasn’t cheap, about the price of a roll of Kodak Portra 800, I bought several rolls because I am looking forward to shooting with it this winter. I think it’ll go great with the cooler air and the blue skies we get here in Florida during the winter months. Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Fujicolor 100 – the Fuji Blues

  1. Thank you for the heads-up on how Fuji 100 treats the spectrum. Its color palette reminds me of old Ektachrome: Chilly in the extreme, and lacking in saturation.

  2. Thanks for the Fuji clarification.
    The translations are ‘above and beyond!’
    btwJasmine is a beautiful cat!

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