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Developing Adventures – A Roll of Lomography Lomochrome Purple

I’ve had several rolls of Lomochrome Purple in my fridge since it was first released. I’ve never shot with it because I don’t find many settings that would fit a specialty film like this. However, the other day, Mario Piper mentioned in the comments of one of my Fiddle Fig Leaf plant photos that it would look great with Lomochrome Purple.

So, I took a roll out of the fridge to give it a go. I was especially intrigued with the fact that this film could be shot at any ISO from 100-400 on the same roll without any adjustments in processing. To experiment with this information, I shot several photos at ISO 100, 200, and 400 respectively.

Processing Lomochrome Purple

As I do with all of my color film, I processed this roll in Cinestill C41, and followed the directions accordingly. Luckily I recorded which ISO I used for every photo because there are no numbers or markings at all on this film.

Scanning it with my Epson V800 scanner, I was surprised to see it scanned super sharp. I’ve never had a film scan sharp like this. I was especially surprised because this film curled like crazy. I wish these photos weren’t compressed for WordPress so you could see what I mean.

My Results

All of these photos were shot on one roll with my Canon New F1 and Canon 35mm f/2.8 lens.

woman and dog - lomochrome purple
ISO 100

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foliage - Lomochrome Purple
ISO 100

The purple gets darker the higher the ISO. It starts out more towards the pink spectrum. Then as you’ll see, the purple became deeper and darker.

potato plant - lomochrome purple
ISO 200
ISO 200

While I really like my results and think this film is pretty cool, I can’t imagine many uses for it other than with artistic liscense. This film makes foliage look like something out of the 1960’s series of Star Trek.

Blues turn green, greens turn purple and yellows turn pink. It’s wacky.

maltese dog - lomochrome purple
ISO 200

The grain also becomes more noticeable the higher you go with your ISO. I think I prefer to the look of this film at ISO 200.

tub faucet
ISO 400
tub faucet
ISO 400

Final Thoughts

While I don’t think this will be a film I use regularly, it was fun, and I will use it again. I particularly like the photos of Kelsey and Frank because their surroundings change colors making them stand out even more. I also really like that you can shoot it at different ISO’s throughout. If there are any other films with this ability, let me know in the comments.

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Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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  1. Wow, Aly! Great photos! Success!!! I love the article, and will be happy to read more. Thanks for the shoutout! Looking forward to having you on the podcast!

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