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Developing Adventures – A Roll of Expired Kodak Gold 200

In this Developing Adventure, I wanted to share my results with developing my first roll of expired Kodak Gold 200. If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you may remember that Gold was my go-to film because of its affordable price tag.

Developing Expired Kodak Gold

I received a 4 pack of Kodak Gold 200 from Kelsey’s grandmother. It expired exactly 10 years ago in September of 2011. I’ve never shot an expired roll of Kodak Gold before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I decided to shoot one roll of the 4 to see what I would get.

mango tree - expired Kodak Gold
Mango Tree baby

I exposed it at ISO 100 and then developed the roll without adjustment with my Cinestill C-41 kit.

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My Results

I was surprised to see that the film was fine, even after ten years. It’s doubtful that it was kept in a refrigerator, so it’s good to know Kodak Gold stands up to time.

expired Kodak Gold

There isn’t any color shifts, just the normal golden look. I was worried the film would come under-exposed because in my experience Gold doesn’t have great attitude to begin with. However, over-exposing the film my one stop with ISO 100 seems to have prevented that.

Final Thoughts

Now that I know the film is ok to shoot, I am excited to use the other three rolls. Hopefully this shows you too that you can buy expired Kodak Gold 200 and know that it will probably be fine.

If you’d like to buy some expired Kodak Gold 200 from Ebay here is an affiliate link. For more of my pictures with Kodak Gold 200 check out these articles here.

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