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6 Shots – Lomography CN 800 in Tradition, Florida

This week, I thought it would be fitting to share some shots I took from another roll of Lomography CN 800 film since I posted my review last week. If you haven’t read that one yet you can catch it here. Kelsey and I often drive to the town next to ours called Tradition, Florida. It’s a relatively new city that is still building up, but it has a nice town square surrounded by stores and restaurants. There’s a town hall and a lake that you can walk around.

tradition Florida town hall

It’s a nice place to go and sit for a little bit of peace, and of course I find it a great place to take photos. You may recognize it from my videos and other articles. I’ve shot with many different cameras and film stocks there. On this particular day I had my Leica M6 and a roll of Lomography CN 800 with me because we were out shopping, and that has been my combo lately for taking photos from the car.

lake in Tradition Florida

Before heading home, we decided to sit by the lake and watch the sun setting. The lighting was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but take a ton of photos. The birds were flying all around in the trees. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

women's shoes - Tommy Hilfiger and Toms
Mine and Kelseys shoes.

This film is very saturated. The colors almost look neon. I loved the colors I was seeing in person, like the pink flowers in the photo below, and I think this film captured it well.

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Final Thoughts

I hope to visit Tradition, Florida at that time of day again soon. Next time I would like to have a medium format camera with me to capture these scenes.

bird in Tradition Florida

I also shot a roll of black and white film that day, which I will share in another Shots article. Hopefully you enjoy these journal type posts. Let me know what you have been shooting lately.

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Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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9 thoughts on “6 Shots – Lomography CN 800 in Tradition, Florida

  1. Yes, the ability to use fast shutter would help a lot! I think for me I tend to be so afraid of “messing up” a shot or “wasting” a frame that I don’t take those kind of shots on film. This is a reminder to me that sometimes it’s ok to embrace the “mistakes” (which can be beautiful and captivating) and that if I don’t try something outside my comfort zone I’ll never know what the results will be. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of shooting lomo 400 indoors—I appreciate you taking the time for that. Also appreciate your recommendation of Delta 3200–you’ve inspired me to look into that. I’ve only shot a few rolls of b&w film several years ago and have never developed it at home (from what I understand it sounds like it’s possibly a bit simpler than color which I have developed at home). For some reason I’ve gravitated more toward color images (maybe because that’s how I see in real life) but maybe it would be interesting to try out more b&w—thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Aly, thank you for sharing about your day and your thoughts and experiences about Lomo 800. I really like your images. Love the framing of the town hall image, how the building peeks out from behind the tree. The shoe picture is fun and a great way to document your time there together (I love how these types of images can often “take you back” to that memory). I’m impressed with the last image of the bird flying just above the tree—things like this I’m often too afraid to try to capture with film and you did a great job of seeing and catching this quick moment. I really appreciate seeing your results and experience with this film as I have 3 rolls of this film and have never used it before. Ideally, I thought of using it indoors in the winter because of its higher ISO (I live in Iowa and it gets pretty cold and unpleasant to go outside sometimes in the winter and thought it would be great to have some film that might allow for lower light conditions) though I’m not sure how the saturated/almost neon (as you described it) color will work with this. Perhaps I just need to try it and see. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us—I found this inspiring!

    1. Thanks Amanda. Shots like the one with the bird are great with fast shutter speeds and this film allows for that. I’ve taken many photos indoors with this film, but it’s does get a red cast, especially when under artificial lighting, so it needs a little correction in post. Another great film I like using indoors in Ilford Delta 3200. It’s a black and white film and I always shoot and process it at 1600.

  3. Interesting film, that LOMO 800: The saturation of Kodachrome with the yellow/green bump of Ektachrome rolled together.

  4. Nice photos …the first two were very familiar, then I realized I was there in the beginning of October, my Sister lives in Port St. Lucie and I flew down from NJ for her 60th birthday … if I knew we were going to be so close, I would have liked to meet you and Kelsey!!

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