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Update: Bye Bye Leica IIIF

It’s been a while since I have done a camera review, almost a year in fact. I’ve mostly been focusing on projects and film itself, so I didn’t notice it had been so long. I’m currently working on a review for a KMZ Start that Mike Eckman has lent me, so that will be coming soon. I have a lot going on in my personal life at the moment as well, thats been taking up most of my time. I just wanted to come on and give an update and say that I am still here, and I still love film and cameras.

One thing I wanted to share was an update on my Leica IIIF. I had an article featured on 35mmC about my first impressions with the camera, as well as my own article here where I explained the issues I had been having with it. Well, my time with the IIIF has come to an end. When I first bought it, it had pin holes in the shutter curtain. I sent it back to be repaired and received it with a new curtain. Then the shutter had an issue again where photos outdoors would come out half black. I sent it back yet again only to have it returned with the shutter speeds being off and the dial not lining up with the proper numbers. Luckily KEH has a nice policy, so the repairs cost me nothing and neither will the return.

However, I am bummed out because I wasted money on film and developer for rolls that were ruined as well as buying accessories and a lens for a camera I no longer have. I am not sure if I’ll buy another one. This has been by far the most problematic camera I have had, but who knows.

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At least I was able to own it for a little while and I did get some nice photos with it while it was working. I can either use the lens on my Canon 7 or send it back. Im not sure which I will do yet.

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Thats my little update. I’ll be posting my results with my first roll of Silberra Color film soon as well. Thanks for sticking with me.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I’d been wondering. Shame about the difficulties with the Leica, though. Stay well! …

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