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Digital Flowers

In my last article I gave an update on myself and my photography where I mentioned that I have injured my neck causing a lot of pain thats kept me from shooting much lately. I have had a doctors appointment almost every day due to other issues going on as well, so to say the least I have been down and frustrated with my body.

One thing that has really suffered is my developing. The box I keep my queue of film in to be developed is full at the moment, so I decided to pull out my Fuji X-T4 digital camera. Yes I know, blasphemy! However, when I hit a point where shooting film is just not possible, shooting a digital camera is really great therapy. Besides the fact that it gives you instant high quality photos to cheer you up right away, it is also a good way to break loose from a rut. That’s why I shot some digital flowers last weekend while I was having a short break from pain.

digital flowers
Fuji X-T4
digital flowers

Still Life Digital Flowers

Something I have talked about at length is shooting still life photos as a good way to express myself and get my creativity flowing. After a very long week of non-stop doctors appointments, Kelsey and I stopped at the grocery store where I immediately saw a ton of beautiful, colorful bouquets. I grabbed three and when I got home I set up a still life by the window.

At first I shot a roll of Fuji Superia Xtra 400 with my Nikon F using a macro lens. I will share those results once I catch up on my processing, but the natural light coming in from the window was just too beautiful with these flowers to stop shooting.

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Flowers for the Soul

Earlier in the week I had some bad news come back with lab results and sunk into a very deep depression. By the end of the week the news got better and I was able to see the light again, so to speak. Something I try to remind myself when that happens is that tomorrow almost always brings different news, good or bad, so do your best to keep going.

These were the feelings and thoughts I was having while I shot these photos. I felt so happy and relieved by the good news, but also a nagging fear still leftover from the bad. Taking photos has always been a release for me, and even though my neck and back hurt so badly by the end of the night from taking pictures for hours, it was worth it.

Final Thoughts

While I primarily shoot film, it is a great blessing to have a good quality digital camera to use when I have days like this. Mainly the Fuji X-T4 is my camera for filming my Youtube videos, but it is a great tool and I would be a fool not to also take some photos with it from time to time.

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13 thoughts on “Digital Flowers

  1. They are quite beautiful!!! I have no problem with using digital as well as film … the image is all that matters!!! Sorry for your health issues, hopefully something wioll change!!!

  2. Aly, I admire you. You’re facing so much and experiencing an extremely challenging time and you persevere and care for yourself by taking pictures when you can and even doing something a little different than you normally do and utilizing a digital camera as it fit your needs. So wonderful that the flowers caught your eye and you brought some home to photograph. Thank you for sharing your lovely images with us—the light on the flowers illuminated them so beautifully! I find it encouraging to see that you used a digital camera. Like you mentioned with your backlog of undeveloped film I also have several rolls I haven’t been able to develop due to personal struggles preventing me from getting to that so I have just been shooting digital when I’m able. Sometimes I become critical of myself for not shooting film and seeing what you shared is an encouraging reminder that it’s ok to use whatever medium (film or digital) fits my needs. Thank you for that! Thinking of you as you continue on during this challenging time.

    1. Thank you Amanda! Yes I agree. I think as film photographers we tend to become purists and it becomes taboo to take digital photos, almost as if it’s cheating or something lol but it really is a great tool.

  3. Hear, hear!

    I’m heartened to hear you could make flower photos out of neck pain.

    My Canon Digital Rebel is mostly for scanning negatives, but it certainly makes a great camera for catching pictures of fast-moving children, and it is a spectacular light meter (if a bit of overkill).

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