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Maternity Photos on Kodak

This article is a little late, but life has been a little bit crazy. I’ve already posted these photos on my Instagram account, but I wanted to share them in a proper post with information behind them if not for anything but looking back later on. I hope you enjoy my maternity photos on Kodak.

Kelsey’s pregnancy was pretty unremarkable. She was, thankfully, very healthy throughout and we went through all the motions and appointments successfully. By the due date, baby still wasn’t ready to come, and we were both starting to get really anxious to meet her.

My health on the other hand, probably from nerves, was not great. I had stomach issues for weeks that, once resolved, led into my back going out. It was so bad I couldn’t walk. This could have been caused by all of the nursery furniture I had been putting together by myself for 9 months, and shelves and wall-paper I hung on the wall. Definitely wasn’t good for all of the herniated discs in my spine.

An Unconventional Maternity Shoot

So when it started to become clear that I wasn’t going to be able to do our maternity photos somewhere special as planned, we decided to just get what we could. I took my Fuji GF670 loaded with Kodak T-Max 400 and rated it at 800 with my Fuji XT-4 for back up. No lighting. No special arena. Just us in Alaina’s nursery with the light coming in from the window.

Leica Banner

I held on to Kelsey as we walked to the nursery with my tripod and cameras in hand. My hands and legs were shaking from the pain and I felt like I was going to pass out. I’m honestly not sure how I even knew what I was doing, but I guess at this point exposure and all of that is second nature.

I had a rough idea of what shots I wanted to take from research I did before hand, so that helped me to go a little quicker. Some of these I shot handheld because it was too painful for me to peer into the viewfinder while on the tripod, so the composition may be a little off center.

Maternity Photos on Kodak

maternity photo
Holding Hands

When I finally developed them, after Lainey’s birth, I was so surprised and happy that they turned out the way they did. Especially these ones of Kelsey by the window.

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This next photo started a series I am still continuing to add to. You can check it out on my Instagram, but I have taken a photo in this mirror with Kelsey and then as a family once Alaina was born, and now as she grows.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this entry. I hope you enjoyed this post. These are the types of posts I want to do more of, because that is how I started this blog with more personal journal type articles.

These photos are part of a larger project I am working on that will become a book hopefully. I hope that is something you all would be interested in . Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe. What kind of maternity photos have you taken? If you have kids, did you shoot your own? Let me know in the comments.

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Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.



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6 thoughts on “Maternity Photos on Kodak

  1. I’ve loved seeing the photos but am even more glad to know the story behind them. All the work and pain you had to go through makes them that much more special. You and your wife have something beautiful that you can look back on and show your daughter and even her children after!

  2. Beautiful photos! The lighting is wonderful! I hope your back pain and other health issues improve soon.

    I did not do maternity photos when I was pregnant; it wasn’t really as much of a thing when my kids were born, and I wasn’t as into photography either. I do have a few film/digital snapshots from my pregnancies, taken by my husband, but that’s about it. (I got my first digital camera when my middle kid was a newborn, so all of first kid’s newborn pics were on film, and all of last kid’s pics are on digital.) I do wonder what I would do now if I were pregnant for the first time, given social media, and my rediscovery of film photography. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s always interesting to see what people do. My parents didn’t do anything just photos of my mom pregnant on film. Then my sister, when she was pregnant, I took digital pics of her. Now taking film pics of my wife is sort of full circle lol but these days people tend to go all out and do photo shoots and go on location.

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