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Summitar 50mm f2 – To Keep or Not to Keep

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I have been having quite the experience with a Leica IIIF I purchased from KEH. To get the whole story you can check out these articles here. In the meantime, I had purchased a Summitar 50mm f2 collapsible lens for the IIIF. At first, I… Continue reading Summitar 50mm f2 – To Keep or Not to Keep

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A Tribute to Betty White – Kodak Ultramax 400 at 200

Betty White died on December 31, 2021. I really feel that she was one of the last unifying elements we had in this country. Who doesn't love Betty White? On that day, I had a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 loaded in my Leica M6 and decided to kind of dedicate it to her memory… Continue reading A Tribute to Betty White – Kodak Ultramax 400 at 200

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Digital Flowers

In my last article I gave an update on myself and my photography where I mentioned that I have injured my neck causing a lot of pain thats kept me from shooting much lately. I have had a doctors appointment almost every day due to other issues going on as well, so to say the… Continue reading Digital Flowers

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Still Life and Motivation

I've hit a little dip in my creativity lately, not for a lack of desire, but just simply having too much going on that's affecting me. When I have a lot of of health issues happening at once I tend to get depressed, which understandably affects my motivation to do anything else. It's strange because… Continue reading Still Life and Motivation

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Update: Bye Bye Leica IIIF

It's been a while since I have done a camera review, almost a year in fact. I've mostly been focusing on projects and film itself, so I didn't notice it had been so long. I'm currently working on a review for a KMZ Start that Mike Eckman has lent me, so that will be coming… Continue reading Update: Bye Bye Leica IIIF

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Kodak Ektachrome – Landscapes

In my last article, I shared my first roll of Kodak Ektachrome E100 film. It consisted of all portraits of Kelsey that I really loved, and fell in love with this film. I mentioned in the video that I wanted to try Kodak Ektachrome landscapes next, so that's what I did. 1987 Ektachrome 100 ad… Continue reading Kodak Ektachrome – Landscapes

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My First Roll of Ektachrome and E6 Developing

In this Developing Adventure, I wanted to share my first experience shooting and developing a roll of Kodak Ektachrome. This was also my first time using E6 developer, and I was a bit nervous because I know color slide film is not as forgiving as color negative or black and white film. The Film Kodak… Continue reading My First Roll of Ektachrome and E6 Developing

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Expired Film: Kodak Panatomic-X

My good friend Mike Eckman sent me a roll of expired Kodak Panatomic-X black and white film to shoot, with a small warning that I was going to hate him for it because I would love this film and would not be able to find anymore to shoot with. Knowing this, I held on to… Continue reading Expired Film: Kodak Panatomic-X

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End of 2021 Wrap Up – Goals for the New Year

This year has been a strange one. At the end of 2020, we had all hoped 2021 would be better, Covid would end and our goals were to get some parts of our old lives back. Instead, what 2021 has showed me is that this is not ever going to be the case. Wherever you… Continue reading End of 2021 Wrap Up – Goals for the New Year

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First Thoughts – Fujifilm GF670

I've been trying to find a medium format camera that suits my needs and style of shooting for a while now. I have a Pentax 67 that I'm using mainly for a project that I am working on, but I wanted something a little smaller and compact. That was when I saw the Fujifilm GF670… Continue reading First Thoughts – Fujifilm GF670