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The Canon FTb QL

Ilford HP5 400 The Canon FTb QL is a mechanical 35mm SLR for the advanced amateur photographer. It was released in 1971 at the same time as its Pro brother the F-1 and was preceded by the FT QL. (Check out Jim Greys great review of that camera). The FT uses the FL mount lenses… Continue reading The Canon FTb QL

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One Shot with Aly : Shopping in the Time of Covid

I took this photo while I was in my wheelchair at the grocery store. I hate that I still have to use it, but walking for more than a few minutes causes me too much pain and the tingling in my legs gets worse. So for now it is what it is. One advantage that… Continue reading One Shot with Aly : Shopping in the Time of Covid

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One Shot With Aly – these Boots are made for Walkin’

This picture was taken with my Nikon F or I should say one of my Nikon F’s. I had the waist level finder attached for some shots I took in the grocery store. I’ll talk about that in another blog, but I wanted to talk about this shot because I found that the waist level… Continue reading One Shot With Aly – these Boots are made for Walkin’

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One Shot with Aly – Pride Month

Think about having to come out to family, which is essentially announcing the way you chose to love another person. I would just like you to imagine having to fear holding hands in public, or to be told that God considers you to be evil.

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Shooting 35mm With My Rolleiflex Automat and the Rolleikin 2 Adapter – Part 2

In my first article on this subject I talked about the specs of my Rolleiflex Automat, and my experiences shooting 35mm film with the Rolleikin 2 installed. In this article, I am going to expand on that by talking more about the adapter and the pictures that can be had with this set-up. The Adapter… Continue reading Shooting 35mm With My Rolleiflex Automat and the Rolleikin 2 Adapter – Part 2

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My Life in Fujicolor

When I had my first camera, I was around 13 years old, and film was getting harder to find as digital made its way to the forefront of the photography game. The only film available (where I live anyway) at that time was Fujicolor Superia Xtra. If I remember correctly, you could get it in… Continue reading My Life in Fujicolor

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Expired AGFA RSX II and My First Color Positive Experience

When I received it I was a little intimidated because I had never shot color positive film before and I had heard that there's not much room for error when it comes to exposing it. So at first I put it away in the refrigerator hoping to try it when I became more experienced

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My Top 19 of 2019 – End of Year Blog

In this case, this year I have been processing a lot of sickness and death. As the year draws to a close, and I go through my photos from the year, I have discovered that I have expressed these struggles through my photos.

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Ilford Ortho Plus 80 with My Mamiya 645 Pro and Nikon F

Last week we had a nice cool front come through here in Florida, and since I wait all year long for this weather, I just had to get outside. I went to Tradition, Florida, a small town nearby, to walk around and take some landscape pictures with the new Ilford Ortho Plus 80 film.

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One of the First Electronically Controlled Cameras – the Yashica Electro 35 GS

The Yashica Electro 35 looks like a robot head straight out of a Jetson’s cartoon, but I love that about it.