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Expired Film: Kodak Panatomic-X

My good friend Mike Eckman sent me a roll of expired Kodak Panatomic-X black and white film to shoot, with a small warning that I was going to hate him for it because I would love this film and would not be able to find anymore to shoot with. Knowing this, I held on to… Continue reading Expired Film: Kodak Panatomic-X

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The Pentax 67 – My First Thoughts

I've chosen the Pentax 67 camera for a photo book I'm currently working on. I hope to document what is left of my hometown that existed from my childhood. This project will include mostly buildings and landscapes. This fact quickly made me realize that the 35mm format wasn't going to cut it for what I'm… Continue reading The Pentax 67 – My First Thoughts

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The Fujica ST801 and My Dad’s Birthday

My dad passed away from a massive heart attack when I was eleven years old and although that is now 22 years ago, it is a loss that was burned into the genetic makeup of my life. It is a loss I still feel today. I have mentioned in my posts before that photography is… Continue reading The Fujica ST801 and My Dad’s Birthday