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One Shot with Aly – An Avocado Baby

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you may remember a former One Shot article I wrote called Avocado Season. In it I talked about the method I use that my dad once taught my mom before he passed away to grow avocado trees. I also mentioned that I have a 15 year old avocado tree in my yard that I grew from a pit using that method when I was 18 years old.

After I harvested this years crop from the tree, I saved a pit from one of the avocados and decided to grow another one.

Kelsey and I will hopefully be in a new home by next spring, and I hope to have a head start on another avocado tree bearing fruit in our future yard. I just hope it doesn’t take 10 years to yield fruit the way mine did.

Ilford HP5 400 at 1600
Ilford HP5 400 at 1600

If you’d like to try my dads method (I doubt he invented it. I just like calling it that.) to grow your own avocado tree, take the pit from an avocado, stick tooth picks in it to prop it up out of the water. Place it over a small cup of shallow water. Then place it in a shaded or dark area. Be sure to change the water from time to time.

Once it starts to grow into a small tree you can put it in a pot or straight into the ground. Just make sure you plant it in a spot it can grow big. I wasn’t aware of how large they grow and now it towers over my home and has ruined my fence.

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Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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