Avocado Season – an Update

I wrote an article a while back for my One Shot series called an Avocado Baby where I talked about the avocado tree that I am growing from a pit of an Avocado from the tree I grew more than 15 years ago. You can read about that in my other article, Avocado Season.

Leica M2 Fuji Neopan AcrosII 100 1-6-21
The Original Avocado Tree

I talked about the way in which I learned to grow the trees from a pit and showed it starting to sprout. I thought I would give an update on its growth.

NikonF lfordHP5 400 12 18 20
NikonF lfordHP5 400 12-18-20
Canon New F1 Ilford Delta 3200 at 1600 12-25-20
Canon New F1 Ilford Delta 3200 at 1600 12-25-20

Kelsey and I will be moving to a new home soon and I started growing this tree to plant in our new backyard. I hope that it won’t take 10 years to bare fruit the way its parent did. I am not fully aware of the way it works.

Nikon F Ilford Delta 400 at 1600 1-1-21
Nikon F Ilford Delta 400 at 1600 1-1-21

It’s taken about a month to get to this point. It makes me really happy to see it grow a little more each day, especially since, as I explained in my other articles, my father is the one who taught me to grow them this way. It is yet another way I still connect with him. He loved to grow fruit trees and would spend most of his days in his yard before he passed away.

I hope this year will be one of new beginnings. A new home, a new avocado tree, and a lot of new film photo projects. I hope the same for all of you and I hope you will continue to follow along with me.

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Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

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