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One on One – One Week with One Lens or Film Stock

My camera collection is growing more and more each month. After all, this wouldn’t be Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley if I didn’t have a lot of vintage cameras right? I love these cameras. I can’t help it, and I love reviewing different ones for all of you, but the downside is, I don’t get to spend enough one on one time with a single lens or film stock to really get to know it.

Pentax ME Super
Pentax ME Super

One on One: a New Series

Therefore, in response to the downside, I’ve decided to start One on One as a way to get to know some of the cameras and lenses I own. Moreover, I want to get used to some film stocks I don’t normally reach for.

Pentax 67
Pentax 67

In this series I will shoot for a week with a lens I have neglected, and on others a film stock. For example, this week coming up I am going to shoot only with Kodak Tmax in my Nikon F. I can change lenses if I choose because the one on one will be focusing on the film this week. The following week I may shoot with my 85mm Nikkor on my Nikon F, but use a film stock I am already familiar with. This allows for only one unknown variable, the lens. I will still be continuing other projects, such as my pushing film experiments. This will simply be a way to focus my attention.

Nikon F and Sailor Strap
One on One with a Nikon F

I will post my results at the end of the week. If you’re interested stay tuned and be sure to please sign up to get my articles in your inbox. Have you ever done something like this? Let me know in the comments. I always look forward to chatting with you all.

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Until next time, stay motivated and keep shooting.

14 thoughts on “One on One – One Week with One Lens or Film Stock

      1. I have a Nikon F and an F2 and an F3 and many Nikkormats. I also have several other Nikon film cameras and a few Canon film cameras and Minolta film cameras and Pentax film cameras. I have used only a few of them, and more and more infrequently. Most of my photographs on Instagram are digital, but some are film. I am still enamored with film photography, but am less enthusiastic to actually make film photographs. I do admire the work that you and other film photographers do.

        1. Oh nice collection. I asked because I have an extra Canon TX someone gave me and if you didn’t have a film camera I was going to send it to you. I think I’m going to try to find a beginner to send it to.

      2. Very generous of you, thank you, but you should send it to someone who has not a film camera. Or just keep it. 🙂

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