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Riding in Cars with Film – May 18, 2022

As I have mentioned before, the photos taken for Riding in Cars with Film are the majority taken on my way to and from a doctors appointment. I have a lot of doctors appointments all in different places from my own town down to the city south of us. This makes for a lot of different scenery on film.

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Are We Still in Florida?

When people think of Florida, usually what comes to mind are palm trees and beaches. I think most would be surprised by a lot of the scenery down here. Kelsey moved here from Missouri and has been surprised by the country feel of a lot of the areas we’ve been through.

Riding in Cars with Film
Leica M6 Ilford XP2 400

I’ve shown her the more rural places where you see horses and cows roaming regularly on long swaths of land dotted with feed stores and chicken wire fences. She always say, “Wow, this makes me feel like I am in Missouri.”

Riding in Cars with Film
Leica M6 Ilford XP2 400 at 800

Final Thoughts

I’ve taken pictures like these on both black and white as well as color film, and I am not sure yet which I will choose for the project if not just both. Including them together may work in a small zine, but I ended up making two zines last time, one monochrome and one color.

I have been looking at a lot of photo books to get ideas, and aside from maybe a huge volume of someones life’s work, I’ve never seen both monochrome and color pics included in one book. Maybe you can let me know below, of any that I can take a look at.

Thats it for todays peek at Riding in Cars with Film. I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far.

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  1. A lot of my family moved to FL and I tend to get down to visit once a year. I think most people only see the coasts and think of it as one big beach town!!! Like evey state, there’s more to FL than the tourist areas!!!

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