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Riding in Cars with Film – a Series

I’ve been working on the 3rd installment to my Riding in Cars with Film zines for a while now. I’ve been going back and forth on how many photos I should be including in these zines because I want to really make a book of them all at some point in the future. I’m starting this series, here on my website, to help develop the narrative behind these photos, and to give a little preview of what I have so far.

Why Do I Shoot from the Car?

When I started the Riding in Cars project, it was mostly just a way to calm my nerves on my way to doctors appointments, and then get my photography in peoples hands through zines. Then it grew. During the last presidential election year. I started to see huge changes to the fabric of my town. That was when the project took on a whole different meaning. If you’ve purchased my first two, thank you, and you will see when you compare those photos to the ones to come how much has changed.

It became a more personal undertaking as I watch neighbors turn against each other, people screaming with signs on street corners and pinning political signs to their garage doors. While at the same time, gas prices soar, homes foreclose, homeless people are suddenly reappearing on main streets where they hadn’t been since the last recession. This is all happening in stark contrast to the rising property taxes that are the same as a used car, and homes being built on every street.

Gas Prices During the Pandemic

I’ve lived in this town since I was 3 years old. Ive had a love hate relationship with it, but it’s still my home. I don’t leave my house very often so when I do, these changes aren’t gradual, they’re shocking and immediate.

Final Thoughts

I hope to share this journey with you because this is now what hometown USA has become. While that may not be news to most of you, I think it’s important nonetheless to see that we are all in the same boat. While forces continue to try to divide us for their own gain, we need to continue to see for ourselves that we, the people, are the real front lines. We are the ones experiencing these things first hand while politicians talk about us like they know who we are and what we need.

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I hope you will enjoy the photos I share here, and maybe will want to purchase a zine to have them physically in your hand. Either way, I’m excited to share with you.

Stay Tuned…

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